Becoming a Dad?


It can be a pretty confusing and exhausting time for dads, maybe even your frustrations are getting the better of you?
Becoming a father is one of the biggest changes to a man’s life.  When it’s going well it’s awesome but when family life doesn’t turn out as you expected, then it can be a time of major stress.
It can be a huge shock to realise that life with a baby is so much harder than you thought and that you have such a range of unfamiliar emotions and responses.  Sometimes, this can be due to a baby who is teething and won’t sleep and as a result the two of you are sleepless, exhausted and irritable with each other. These are the ‘hard yards’ of parenting and it can get you down.

It’s also okay for you to feel sad, disappointed or perhaps even angry about the impact the baby has had on your life – this might sound really strange because having a baby is meant to be exciting and wonderful, and it is.  But life can seem unrecognisable for many weeks for new dads and it makes sense that you would feel sad about the things you may feel that you have lost.
Most dads find that they start to feel better as their baby settles down and they as parents get used to all the changes.  But for about 1 in 20 new dads these changes can get really stuck and develop into anxiety or depression, either starting during the pregnancy or after the birth.