Co-Parenting relationship challenges 


Partners often struggle to know how to support and meet each other’s emotional needs once they become parents. It is not unusual for both parents to experience feelings of loss, being unappreciated or less loved. This can increase tension that can further contribute to the experience of anxiety and depression. We often hear women talk about their partners trying to fix the problem. Partners talk about not knowing how best to respond to an often unfamiliar and overwhelming situation.

It can be highly confronting when mental health concerns creep in, particularly if the affected person has managed at other times in life with competency and confidence. To experience mental health vulnerability, whilst caring for a baby, can be frightening and confronting. It is vital that couples access support, to create a safe space to explore their individual challenges and learn how best to support each other.

This might include relationship counselling, joining a facilitated parenting or relationship group, or even meeting regularly with friends where open and honest conversations can be shared with others on the same journey. Just as it is vital that mental health is prioritised, viewing the relationship as a crucial part of this ongoing recovery is also important.

The likely result is a stronger couple relationship and happier family unit.  If you think your relationship needs some work and you are not sure where to start please call the PANDA National Helpline. We would be happy to explore options with you.