The challenge of balancing work and family life is stressful enough without the added demands of perinatal depression and anxiety. For working dads, whose partner is at home with perinatal anxiety and/or depression, family-friendly conditions are crucial. Without flexible conditions, a father might have to take a whole day off, rather than take an extended lunch break so that he can attend an appointment, resulting in greater disruption in the workplace than necessary.

In 2012 PANDA commissioned the Cost of Perinatal Depression in Australia ” report by Deloitte Access Economics which shows that perinatal depression will affect nearly 100,000 new parents in 2012, including 1 in 7 new mothers and 1 in 20 new fathers. The report also outlined the $433.52M cost to the Australian economy. It is the first of its kind to put a financial value on the cost of perinatal depression in Australia.

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