Pregnancy 101 for Dads


Darren Jolly, Collingwood Football Club

‘Pregnancy and expecting a baby is a huge event in our lives and the timing of this event and the situation you are in will have a big bearing on how you are dealing with the news that you are going to be a dad.
Hopefully, you’re in the right relationship, at the right time in your life, when you discover that you’re going to be a father. Realistically, life’s not always so straightforward.
Like most expectant dads you might have lots of questions about the kind of father that you want to be or worries about finances. Sometimes, it’s not so much the issues that are the only problem, but how they are impacting you and how you are coping.  If you are so worried that you find that you are drinking more or using drugs to cope with the stress, then you might have a lot more than fatherhood on your mind.
If you’ve separated from your partner during the pregnancy, then it might create some more complications along the way. If you’re not sure about the relationship and you’ve heard the news of the pregnancy, you might be feeling more pressure about your relationship now that you’re both going to become parents.
From your baby’s point of view, he/she only wants two parents who will do their best to look after him/her.’

The trimesters and dads, and possibly a rollercoaster of emotions
Women experience many physiological changes during pregnancy that men will never experience and this can influence the way that dads relate to pregnancy.
From a hormonal perspective, the mother has a great variety of hormonal fluctuations and can have a lot of physical changes including morning sickness, tiredness, nausea, vomiting and breast tenderness. Her emotions can be very changeable, she may have feelings that vary throughout the day ranging from excitement and anticipation to anxiety and uncertainty.

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